Register solution at SAP

Enable data transfer

Logon to solution manager system and call transaction DSWP (or SOLUTION_MANAGER)

wiki sap register solution

On left side select desired solution and on right side all available options for sending data will be displayed.

  • Send Production Data: this will send only data for production systems to SAP
  • Send All Data (default): this will send data for all systems in solution to SAP
  • Send No Data: this will disable data sending to SAP

Select your desired option and click on save

wiki sap register solution

Now the data transfer is enabled and you should see greenlight next to solution name. In next step you will register your solution at SAP and send initial data.

Registering solution

Go back to initial transaction DSWP (or SOLUTION_MANAGER) and select desired solution.

wiki sap register solution

Next go to Operations -> Service Plan -> SAP Delivered Services and click on Register Solution at SAP button.

wiki sap register solution

Confirm that you want to update solution data to SAP.

wiki sap register solution

Now the solution is registered and data are sent. You should see screen like this.

wiki sap register solution

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